Invest with us

Company Statistics

  • Continually growing portfolio of both privately owned and entity owned properties
  • Strongly focused on residential income producing real estate
  • Cashflow is our primary objective
  • Our Private Lenders are earning above market returns, secured against income producing Real Estate

What We’re Looking For

Private Lenders – Offering long term or short term loans in exchange for a mortgage position in an upcoming acquisition or refinance.  Our current private loans are paying 5-12% APY on anywhere from 5 to 20yr notes.  These are real returns that beat institutional banks savings rates, CD rates, and almost all Money Market/Mutual Fund products.  They are highly collateralized as registered mortgages.    

Buyer Partners – Invest in our city with us.  We’ll scout and network to find the best deals either from the public market place like the MLS, private markets like craigslist or For Sale by Owners, or through our direct marketing and cold calling campaigns.  We are investors too and are constantly engaged with our network of realtors, bankers, and government officials about buying opportunities.  Allow us to find your next deal.

Syndication – By definition, real estate syndication is an effective way for investors to pool their financial and intellectual resources to invest in properties and projects much bigger than they could afford or manage on their own.  Inquire today and build an empire along with us. 

Our Mission

  • We never buy “the appreciation” story.
  • The group has an impeccable reputation for closing deals fast and greatly leverage that reputation to insure the best terms and the best price.
  • We take a very conservative approach to analyzing any deal we’re considering.
  • Transparency and communication are our expectation and our standard.
  • We never assume we can operate a property any better than the existing management.
  • Produce real opportunities within the Erie and surrounding areas.
Active Tenant Leases
Million Assets Managed
Owner/Partners Represented
Million Private Capital Raised